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The Graphic Artists Guild has its headquarters in New York, New York, and is a national union of creative professionals. The Guild represents web creators, production artists, illustrators and others who have banded together to raise industry standards; the association seeks to enable graphic artists in achieving satisfying, rewarding careers. All working artists in the Guild are given a voice and means to participate.
Code of Fair Practice for Graphic Industry
In 1948 the Guild drafted a Code of Fair Practice to promote fairness for the buyers, sellers, and creators of graphic arts. This ethical code has been used successfully ever since its inception. While pricing graphic art is a personal matter, a portion of the code is shared below to show how the policy can ensure equity in other ways. Misunderstandings are prevented by following the guidelines.
  • An authorized buyer should conduct negotiations between the artist and the client.
  • Orders and purchase agreements should be in writing, and at a minimum should include the agreed upon price and a list of the rights being bought.
  • Additional fees for changes must be paid by the buyer, unless the changes are a result of the artist"s error.
  • Payment in full is expected at the time of delivery. Failure of the artist to deliver by the agreed upon date could constitute a violation of contract unless the delay is approved.
  • Before altering or manipulating the work, the buyer must consult with the artist.
  • Artwork cannot be duplicated without permission from the artist. Any electronic rights must be negotiated separately.
  • The artist"s work should be credited in writing near the artwork or photo if published.
  • Extra compensation shall be paid to any artist who is asked to work unusual hours to produce the piece.
  • Artists face risks by entering contests and competitions, such as loss of fees and expenses; the pros and cons should be carefully weighed.
For a full listing of the Guild"s Code of Fair Practice, go to

By Michelle Simmons
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